Frequently Asked Questions

At The Gables we recognise that moving in to residential care is a major decision for both the resident and their family. In order to help you make an informed decision we have provided answers to some of the questions we are most frequently asked prior to admission.

At the same time we recognise that everyone is unique and should you have any additional questions please feel free to discuss them with us without obligation.

Life at The Gables

Who inspects the home?

The home is inspected by the Care Quality Commission Inspectors (CQC) and has been rated as “good” during its most recent unannounced inspections.

Can I visit the home and talk to your residents before making my decision?

We would encourage you to do this. Our residents we believe, are our best sales team. You are free to talk to them either in public or in private at your leisure. Because of their experiences we believe they are best placed to help you decide if The Gables will meet your immediate and future needs.

Can my family and friends visit me?

Visits from family and friends are encouraged with no restrictions on visiting times. All visitors receive a warm welcome from the staff and are offered refreshments upon arrival.

Do I have to share a room with someone else?

Definitely not, most rooms are single occupancy with en-suite facilities.

Can I visit my family?

We encourage all our residents to retain social interaction with families, friends and social groups at all times. We would ask that you inform the home before leaving the building to meet the requirements of our Fire Safety policies and procedures.

What happens if I need assistance in the night?

All bedrooms and bathrooms are fitted with a nurse call system, which is easily activated thereby ensuring that a member of staff will attend to your needs immediately.

Can I bring my own furniture?

All rooms are fully furnished to a high standard, however at The Gables we are committed to ensuring that each resident feels at home at the earliest opportunity, and we therefore encourage residents to bring as many cherished and personal items as is appropriate.

I am a fussy eater – will this be a problem?
Your dietary needs will be identified and discussed as part of your pre-admission assessment. Our cooks have many years’ experience and to date we have always met the individual needs of each resident.
What time do I have to get up, or go to bed?
This is entirely your choice. Breakfast is served in your room at a time of your choice, if you want to go back to bed after breakfast then that’s fine, or you can enjoy meals in the dining area with the other residents. We encourage all residents to have lunch together, but again this is a personal choice. Residents spend as much or as little time either in their rooms or in the communal areas as they wish.
What are the cost’s?

As previously mentioned everyone has individual needs, therefore the cost will be dependent upon an individual care assessment and the type of room that you will occupy.
The only additional cost above those agreed will be for individual items such as a personal telephone line, hairdressing and newspapers.

Will I have to sell my house?

A confidential financial assessment will be completed independently, over which the home has no involvement. The home will however provide you with access to several independent advocacy services who will be able to advise you accordingly.

What is a top up?

Depending on the financial assessment undertaken you may have some or all of your fees funded by the local authority. If you are eligible then the difference between what the local authority contributes and cost of your accommodation is referred to as the “top up”, this being paid by the resident or a third party.

Do I have to sign a contract?

It is a requirement of your admission that a contract is provided and agreed which identifies clearly the terms and conditions of your residency. This ensures that both parties know and understand the requirements and expectations of each other. Within the terms of the contract is a clause, which identifies that the first four weeks of the contact are deemed to be a trial period and as such either party can terminate the agreement within this period. Termination after the four-week period requires four weeks’ notice by either party.

What Happens Next?

What happens if I decide that I want to come to The Gables?

We would ask you or your family to complete a Resident Application Form, once this is to hand your name will be added to our waiting list.

We will then arrange for the Registered Manager to undertake a detailed pre-admission assessment to ensure that we can fully meet all aspects of your care. Then, when a room becomes available we will contact you to agree a convenient date for admission.

My Personal Care and Choices

Who will plan my care?

At The Gables we take a holistic approach to care planning. The most important person is the resident and as such you will be involved in all care plan decisions. In addition, we involve your GP, the District Nurse Team and other appropriate health care practitioners, your family and advocates as well as members of our care team to ensure we provide you with the highest standard of care possible.

Can I choose my own doctor?

We enjoy excellent relationships with both surgeries in the town. Residents new to the area can choose which surgery they wish to be registered with, and we will provide all the necessary information required to help you make your decision. In the case of residents who have resided locally before admission we will inform your GP upon admission to the home.

Who’s in charge?

The manager, Kim Northwood IS THE Registered Manager and is supported by a senior carer on each shift. There is always someone contactable 24 hours a day..

Who will be responsible for my care?

In addition to the Senior Carers, the home is supported by a dedicated team of Lead Practitioners, Team Leaders and Care Staff who are responsible for all of your care needs. All hold or are working towards relevant national qualifications. All care staff live locally most of whom have been at the home for many years, which ensures that continuity of care is maintained.

What happens if I need assistance in the night?

All bedrooms and bathrooms are fitted with a nurse call system, which is easily activated thereby ensuring that a member of staff will attend to your needs immediately.

What type of food is provided?

All meals are made from the finest ingredients sourced locally. Our hospitality staff have designed a varied menu that caters for both traditional and alternative tastes.

What happens if I go in to hospital?

If you require a hospital admission your room remains vacant until you are ready to return. Staff try to visit residents when in hospital to ensure you have everything you need whilst away from the home.

What happens if my dependency levels increase?

Whilst we are registered as a residential home, we always respect the wishes of our residents and their families. So long as we can meet everyone’s needs fully you will remain at the home. Where a nursing assessment has been requested by a doctor, and a nursing placement recommended we will assist in the transfer in any way that we can, as well as maintaining contact with the resident and their family as appropriate after the transfer.

What happens if I am not happy with the service?

One of the advantages of a placement in a family run home is that you have instant access to the Owner. Our aim is that by being accessible to both residents and their family’s issues can be identified and resolved at the earliest opportunity.

If for any reason an issue cannot be resolved informally then we have a formal complaints procedure which can be instigated, and should this not resolve an issue residents and relatives are advised to contact the Care Quality Commission Inspectors (CQC) or the Local Ombudsman whose addresses and telephone numbers are identified on each residents contract.

More Questions?

In this section we have tried to answer personally the questions most commonly asked, if you require any further information do not hesitate to contact us.